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An Alien equipment

An alien equipment

Even though we are thinking of alien technologies which can be super advanced and which can makes us super humans a closer look at our feet will amaze what we are standing all the while is even alien in itself.

Our feet are intriguing structure of the body. It deforms itself according to the surface it is placed on. They have more number of nerves endings per square centimeter than another part of the body. It means that it is constant in communication with the brain and probably determining various actions and moods of a person. There are 26 bones (more than 10% of total number of bones in the body) and around 30 muscles in each foot to just help humans use them in innumerable ways in which we can use them.

The modern sports and regular people

The modern sports are most exclusively about how fast a person, how long a person runs which is just a very small aspect of what our feets are made for. Humans never run straight or used to run in the track which is given already. They run, jumped, twisted, turned, climbed and crawled, they stayed alert about the terrain, height, edge and adapted to it to reach where they want to or to get what wanted to. But as the generation passes as modern sports became larger than life events a regular person doesn't uses most these movements thinking feets are about only just run fast or marathon. They think only a person like Usain bolt or Paula Radcliffe are good at doing any action with their feet. It's blocks even a young person from any kind of movement as they might feel they will not be good at it and cannot win competition. Why do we need a medal for everything we do?

Losing sensitivity

As a result we are losing sensitivity of the feet. The feel that we are supported by mother earth and she will provide for us with what we need. It causes a lot psychology and physical issues to our society. Especially with people who are Gen z. Even our surfaces are becoming flater and flater as we are trying to build roads and foot paths everywhere the use of this rich nervous system is just wasted. The mutation that it causes on our body will be inevitable and we will lose some of this sophistication in our feet as generations pass by. But when we have now we should make use of them and use them well. They are our birth right!!!

Om Namah Shivaya 🙏✌

Om Namo Bhagavate Vishnudevanandaya

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