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Human's Boon

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The human body is unique because of its ability to stand upright, and comfortably move. Its because of our extended legs which can be folded by a special structure called knees, which is then supported by relatively a stronger and bigger hip joints and muscles than other counterparts. The ball and socket joints of the hips makes a wide range of motion possible for humans unlike any other species on earth. Humans are bestowed with a great range of movements that is not available for any of them. It is the superpower of human beings. Most of our joints have well-defined movements which are readily available to be used. Our Nervous system is the most sophisticated, which extends its neurons even to the every tip of our fingers.

This helped artists and architects to create wonders of monuments for thousands of years. Even before 40,000 years back, a fine piece of neckless with thousands of bones and ornaments are made by humans. Not just with the help of this body, we were able to move thousands of tons of solid rocks to build huge monuments like pyramids.

Our brain is bestowed with the control of all these movements that are possible with the extreme precision.

Such a huge organization of mechanism is a boon, but also a curse if not put into proper use.

Most of the physical and mental illness are due to not using these boon that we have to move and move in a wide range of ways. Unless one understands movements well, stillness is not possible too. So move as much as you can and as different as you can to become still.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namo Bhagavate VishnuDevanandaya

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