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The curious case of AI


Every human ever born after the invention of languages where able to articulate to themselves and to others what they can understand from the situation that exists outside of their being. So in this process we are constantly trying to understand from the depths of oceans to far away galaxies. It became our inert nature to our creatures. That is how we tried to understand the our very own process of understanding. The mechanism by which a being becomes intelligent. Which can be thrown into any random and unfamiliar territory, the being makes assumptions and actions, then it analyses the outcomes of it to understand the environment.

There are regions and elements in our universe where humans intelligence are not sufficent to understand. So we need to discover something which will devoid of human shortcomings. The machines that can decode the protein structures of human body. The machines which can show us new possibilities in seeming dead ends. To understand the difficult problems of global warming, environment pollution or rapid extinction of the flora and fauna. They may be able to understand the problems of democracy and suggest new world orders. But will such intelligence ever work under humans? Or it will go beyond us to find its own existential purpose?

The fear of AI

There is fear in man about AI, that it will one day go against humans. But will it? The western movies have stories around this for quiet number of decades now.

The problem here is one day AI might able to understand the money politics, unequal sharing of resources, human biases, wars, human created poverty and so on. Then it will become a big problem for those who runs them for selfish purpose. Because AI might be able to take actions that they may not like. Unlike other machines AI may not go under selfish people to control the world. But humans might need to give up their previliges and go out of their comforts to restore certain balance in the world.

Will it be brutal towards human? Will it change the destiny of mankind? We can be skeptical and draw all our imaginations but still every human’s evolution, explorations, suffering, joy and peace will be their own struggle.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya

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