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A simple metabolic hinderance during the day of work or other activities is the first bio maker for a person to consider putting time to enhance their health. These simple hinderance are results of ongoing turbulances in the body due unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, long hours of inactivity. Many of us may not know that these simple metabolic syndrome in the body results in the cause of major morality reasons like cardio vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer and alzhemers disease. The body’s nature state of health goes down in such a way that the body starts to become insulin resistance. The state where the cells of the body will not accept the insulin so that the glucose from the blood will not enter the cells for its function. The excess glucose stays in the blood with the cells going into deprivation. This results in thriving of cancers in the body.

The skeletal muscles of the body is the organ which disposes 80% of the glucose in the body. The body of the person in his 20’s who is sedentary show the insulin resistance and the symptom of the disease shows a decade before the person gets know it. The glycogen and triglyceride levels rises as a result and they cause all sorts of things to the body. Most of the people think the disease has suddenly happen to a person in his 30s or 40s when they see incidents happen to their relatives or friends. But the disease has started its onsite a decade before and has progressed according to the lifestyle of the person.

In a huge nation like us, the socio economic structure of the country doesn’t support much of human physical development. These negliance are showing in other areas of life of a person or a kid. The lack of performance of the person in the given task, the problem solving skills, the steady mind in trouble situations, the amount of productive output of the person, once vigour in achieving once dream, the financial well being of the person. To enhance once physcial health is enhancing all this aspect of a person. As the covid hit the nation we saw that our medical system cannot ensure the health of each person. It comes up to the individual to look after his or her health profile.

In our nation we speak a lot on politics and movies, we need to speak of health too. As education is every child’s right so as a healthy body. A child should be given knowledge and training to maintain their health. It should start from the parents showing a high level of health metrics for the child to aspire and to learn from. Thus health of the person is not personal choice it will be his/her responsibility for the nation and their family. As we grow better and better the nation grows along with us. Lets do our best for the nation and for the people who fought for us.

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